Post-Grad Rehab

Post Grad Rehab: March/April

Polar Bear, St. Petersburg
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Last month I wrote about how I wanted to energize, and sunshine in California, and fresh fruit and vegetables and more time outside pretty much took care of it! Having a cleaner has been working well, too. I also switched up my body products to citrus ones, I love cocoa butter but a blast of satsuma in the morning is probably better to wake me up! I avoided meetings and got better at splitting my time between projects (now I am 80% focused on my new project, and I’m excited about it).

What didn’t: the travel agent ended up causing me a lot more hassle than it saved. Fortunately my boyfriend loves organizing travel arrangements so he took care of my Ottawa trip!

Perhaps it’s the changing seasons, but I’m strung out, not burnt out now. So – normal for me?

Theme for this month – physical challenge.

I’m climbing the CN tower on Thursday April 4th, it’s for the WWF. If you’re a fan of the WWF then you can sponsor me here. I hear they are kind to polar bears – I love polar bears!

Kickboxing is still off the menu, so I’m going to try CrossFit. Should be fun!

What’s your focus for April?

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Focus for April: catch my breath after release deadlines, run, gardne, and work on the novel!

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