Career life Post-Grad Rehab Reflections

Post-Grad Rehab: July/August

My goal for July was to deal with bureaucracy and explore more. My success was so-so. I got my work-permit sorted, and found out how to get my tax form from IBM (still do to – ask for it). And my boyfriend and I took a trip to Paris… Ontario. But, a lot of my organizational energy […]

Post-Grad Rehab

Post Grad Rehab: March/April

Last month I wrote about how I wanted to energize, and sunshine in California, and fresh fruit and vegetables and more time outside pretty much took care of it! Having a cleaner has been working well, too. I also switched up my body products to citrus ones, I love cocoa butter but a blast of […]

Career Organization Post-Grad Rehab

Post Grad Rehab: January/February

January is for Career At the start of the month, I asked myself some questions. How do I manage my work email? I want to minimize the time I spend on email, but stay on top of it. So far, it’s ok. I use priority inbox and starred action items and delete aggressively. It’s helpful […]