Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-04-10

  • Furniture shopping for @Douglasgresham! (@ Sears home) #
  • Noooooo snow! This is why people keep food in their apt. #
  • I was looking for a pic to illustrate "if it exists there's porn of it" for talk. The fabulous @lccarson found me this #
  • I wonder if I include talk of porn in talks because of it's tangental relevance or because of utility in determining who is listening. #
  • Feel like I'm failing at life. Several problems the result of trusting other people's judgement rather than my own. Should learn from this! #
  • 10 costly cognitive biases /via @Padday #
  • "you do need to be reminded of what that keyboard can help you make" – love this – /via @feather #
  • This is pretty cool – view of earth from space over 1 year – watch the snow! /via @bl #
  • Lost looking for a meeting room I ask colleague if I have the right room. He looks surprised and says, "you don't read Klingon?" #
  • Why are there so few girl engineers? #
  • Thrilled to announce and be a part of @KWAwesomeFound – open for submissions, we'll be giving our first award in May! #
  • This video is awesome – love it! #
  • Oh hai toronto! (@ Intercontinental Hotel) #
  • The downside of writing my talk a week in advance – will I remember it? I'm up next! #
  • Flying visit to Toronto to drop off @fillenumerique who is off on her newly Canadian adventure! @sachac you two must dim sum or coffee 🙂 #

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