life Post-Grad Rehab Presentation

Post-Grad Rehab: September/October

Credit: xkcd

In September, I challenged myself to say no. And so – I didn’t take a trip. I set boundaries. Yes, I will do the thing I agreed to, no, you can’t change it about on me like that. After reflection, my boyfriend and I decided that now wasn’t a good time to move in together. I would be doing it because I have been travelling so much, and how ridiculous to make a decision based on an aspect of my life that I would like to change. I changed trainer to someone who I can work out with when it suits me, rather than on a fixed schedule.

I need to keep working at it. Saying no has been a continuous effort for me. But, someone told me that I seemed to be doing better at it… well, he said I wasn’t rushing around as much. I take that to be progress.

For October, the theme is – public speaking. I have four talks scheduled this month (one down, three to go), and attended a number of panels at Geek Girl Con, went to Ignite NYC, and I have tickets for Ignite Waterloo coming up. So I’ll be devoting some time to trying to improve my own public speaking (the talk at Geek Girl Con was with a friend, so that was a new experience), and thinking about what makes a good talk, and a good panel. Oh, and advice given to female engineers that makes me livid – you have been warned!