Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-16

  • "if you have a partner who isn't supportive then it's like you are clawing your way up and they are pushing you down" – Trina Robbins #
  • "I really don't think people have a good definition of what sexism and feminism are" -Marian Call @geekgirlcon #
  • "the Dave to girl ratio: 22 girls and 17 boys named Dave" – that is a new and horrifying metric! #
  • People being very kind about panel! Glad it's over – slides and commentary up tomorrow! #
  • "basically everyone is in tech now, we just have to convince them that they like it… Which is strange" Cheryl Platz @GeekGirlCon #
  • Space needle! (@ Space Needle: Observation Deck w/ 3 others) [pic]: #
  • Excited for ignite NYC! (@ Sheraton New York Hotel & Towers w/ 31 others) #
  • Awesome time @ignitenyc tonight with @behnooshhariri ! Great talks! #
  • Had to unsubscribe from Literally Unbelievable. Amusing, but was making me dispair for humanity. #
  • Running out of tickets for @GirlGeeksKW next week! Get yours here: #
  • Amazing! And well deserved – @CarolLeaman in the hall of fame! /via @melle #
  • ONE ticket left for @GirlGeeksKW next week! Really this time, I don't think I can magic any more! #
  • And… My flight is delayed. But on the upside air Canada emailed to say that I made status already this year. 5 months to level up again! #
  • Three hour delay, and not one but TWO screaming children in the row in front. I lead such a glamorous existence. #

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