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Manic Monday

I’ve wasted a chunk of the afternoon having a bit of a panic attack. This morning I had physio on my knee, followed by an hour of time hanging out in SITE waiting to meet with the guy who’s course I’m TA-ing (I read some of the 60 page book chapter I’m carrying about with […]


Your Customers on Twitter

Twitter has a load of random uses. So far, I feel they fall into 4 categories: making things tweet, ridiculous, heart-warming and innovative. Making things tweet: an office beer tap, pets, plants, unborn babies, laundry machines, electricity consumption meter, the oven, a chair,  a rocket, a house, your server. Ridiculous: promote your brothel (Twitter might […]

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Relationships 2.0

I had an argument with a friend yesterday. He’d been a little economical with the truth and I found out and was angry. I found out via Facebook – of course. Facebook knows everything. This propelled me to write this post I’ve been thinking about for a while. The thrust of the talk that I […]


Unlikely Source

I was reading a paper today, about mashups. It’s fairly interesting, and you can find it here (you’ll need an ACM account, sadly). It explores how end users feel about mashups. What kind of value do they see in them and would they create them if they had the knowledge? I read something a long […]

Social Networking

Deleting My Xing Profile

It’s hard sometimes to manage your social networking presence. I have three main ones that I use (aside from this blog) – Facebook (friends only), Twitter, and LinkedIn (professional). I just added a fourth – Brazen Careerist – mostly because I read Penelope Trunk’s blog avidly. Realistically though, I have way more – Wakoopa, LastFM, […]



On Wednesday I was getting on my bike, when my kneecap briefly rotated around the side of my knee. It was seriously painful, and I keeled over, bike with me, and my bike frame landed on my hurt knee. Ouch. I got picked up (literally, I was in the road) by some kind strangers and […]


Exciting News!

Back in August I submitted a proposal for the Holiday Science Lectures at the University of Ottawa. I blogged about it at the time here. I’m really excited, because it’s been accepted and I will be presenting it this December! 50 word (50 words! How am I supposed to sum it up in 50 words? […]

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Page Views vs. Engagement

There’s an interesting article here entitled Audience vs. Traffic. It’s about how engagement is more important that hits, and has an interesting point on the newspaper industry as well. I’ve said this before, but as we get more sophisticated ways to measure engagement things will change.

Organization Usability

I <3 Google Docs

Check out the video from Google, below. I thought it was really cute. Google docs is a great, free alternative to MS Office, but that’s not where the real power of it lies. For collaboration, for any document that anyone else is going to use, it’s such a better alternative. During the summer, I was […]

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The Social Network Business Plan

So as I mentioned in an earlier post, I’ve been reading The Social Network Business Plan. The premise of which is that the next big thing will be Social Networks built around products or services, for which there are 18 revenue channels – including subscription, conferences or “get-togethers”, and finally chopping up what people are […]