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Social is Normal

Last week, I read Coders at Work (Amazon, Google books). I really enjoyed it, it was fascinating and I learned a lot about the history of programming and the programmers themselves. There’s a great quote from Douglas Crockford: Progress isn’t always forward. Sometimes we’re leaping forward and sometimes we’re leaping backwards. When we leaped to […]

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Life Without Facebook: Week 2

My boyfriend has told everyone that I quit Facebook because I don’t want to talk to anyone. Now all my friends think I’m depressed. This is kind of amusing. I’m also finding a number of events that are Facebook only, and Facebook won’t let me see them and just tells me to log in. This […]

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Life Without Facebook: Week 1

Last week, I deactivated my Facebook account. Why? There were a number of reasons, and I’d just found myself using it less and less. Since they rolled out the redesign the news feed seemed out of date (it might take days for something to show up), but the live feed was full of repetitive drivel […]

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Visualizing Engagement on Twitter

Next Thursday, I’m giving a talk on my research to people from the communications department. Outline below. When we talk about how we quantify success in social media (and Twitter), we need to consider how we’re defining engagement. Does someone following us mean that they are engaged with our content? Maybe – but maybe not. […]

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My Journal is Online

Now that my iPhone is unlocked (yay!) and has a data plan, I can play Foursquare. Which is exciting for me, but I know some people hate it and my boyfriend has been getting all angsty about giving up my privacy for nothing. The thing is though, I love tracking things. I track the applications […]

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Great Talk from danah boyd at Le Web

Interesting thoughts on visibility, the good and the bad. See her crib sheet here, too.

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Web 2.0 Presentation

This week my supervisor, two of my office mates (Amir and Payam) and I have been working hard putting together a presentation we’ve recorded for a conference in Algeria on Sunday. I laid out the slides in Keynote, using my color scheme (luckily the others were OK with the pink). We’ve been impressed with how […]

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This is kinda awesome – check out the demos here. Screenshot for “Social Networking” from Amazon:   My Facebook network (zoomed out):   Zoomed in:   And finally, this adds a whole new dimension to Vanity Searching!            

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Does Facebook Render Twitter Redundant?

I’m going to start this by saying that if you’re thinking about using Twitter to communicate with your friends, that’s a job that can be done fine by Facebook. Especially if you have a smart phone. Of course your friends who are using Twitter are probably using it differently from Facebook (danah boyd has some […]

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Since I started using Remember the Milk my task list is now separate from my email – so email that I mark as “ToDo” items don’t show up in it unless I put them there. I’ve opted not to, and instead made a recurring task every other day to “clear email”. As a result of […]