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Life Without Facebook: Week 2

Talk Nerdy To Me #2
Credit: flickr / constantine✖belias™

My boyfriend has told everyone that I quit Facebook because I don’t want to talk to anyone.

Now all my friends think I’m depressed. This is kind of amusing.

I’m also finding a number of events that are Facebook only, and Facebook won’t let me see them and just tells me to log in. This may be because I’ve just deactivated my account rather than deleting it entirely.

It’s interesting to me that problems not having Facebook come from the assumption that it’s ubiquitous. I don’t miss the other aspects. Currently, these issues are not compelling enough to convince me to re-activate my account.

In fact, I’m liking this change so much that I’m contemplating life without Foursquare, as well.

(and no, I’m not depressed)