Week in Brief

Goals for this week:

  • Read 8 papers
  • Create diagram in Visio see it here
  • Turn plan into slides for presentation put them up on this post
  • Get started with CA Assignment 2 Would have liked to get more done, but have answer for one question – 2 to go!
  • Deal with final issues from marking fiasco
  • Read 2 chapters of CA book
  • Set up new laptop and get important stuff syncing Nearly there, iDrive is in use, SVN set up, just need to work out how to access it.
  • Code more on my viz stuff – nothing coded but had important epiphany. Really need to get more done on this, this week.
  • Write more on thesis
  • More on website
  • Move to Google Calendar
  • Clear up apartment
  • Finish reading Tribes (Amazon)

I also:

  • Saw a lot of friends I hadn’t seen in a while
  • Met some new people!
  • Watched The Best Man (IMDb) – I rarely seem to find time to watch movies any more, I found this one pretty funny though. Only thing was, the main character had an Irish accent, and his best friend from childhood had a lousy American-doing-British-accent. Then the guy who lived in New York had a posh British accent and the women who he was marrying (who lived in London) had an American accent. So, that kinda distracted me!
  • Picked up some iKlean at the apple store.
  • Got my project proposal back with some helpful suggestions and positive comments.

For this week:

  • Finish CA Assignment 2
  • Read 5 papers
  • Code more on Viz
  • Write more on Thesis
  • Get SVN working fully
  • More on website.
  • Clear giant e-mail mountain.
  • Start tracking morning mood and exercise on Mycrocosm
  • Go to my first hockey game!

For November:

I’ve noticed that I tend to create my “Week in Brief” early in the week and keep track of what I want to achieve – I’m finding it helpful for my high-level goals, whereas I find my ToDo list more helpful for low level goals. So – I’ve decided to make my progress more public as well and created a new page on my blog called Goals which contains my list for the week and the month and I can cross things off as I go along. I’m hoping that by adding what I want to achieve this month I can stop putting the same tasks on my list each week and then pushing them back when more pressing things occur.