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Following the Conversation: A More Meaningful Measure of Engagement

Unfortunately I can’t post the actual paper for a year, but hopefully the talk is going to be more interesting anyway! I used Google Docs to create my slides and you can find the deck here. Twitter: An Overview Who doesn’t use Twitter? Who doesn’t use Twitter because they think it’s pointless? Before I start, […]

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Twitter: Influence and Engagement

Introduce myself: my name is Cate and I’m a second year Masters student in Computer Science. There’s all these different parts of Computer Science, but how I like to describe myself is that I try to create things that answer the questions that people haven’t thought to ask. What does that mean? Well, you could […]

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Levels of Engagement on Twitter

My co-supervisor, Michael Weiss, came up with this diagram expressing the interactions we have with people on Twitter. Direct messaging is the most intimate form of communication, which we cannot track through the API without authentication (and then only for an individual user) as it is private. We have engagement through conversation and retweets, passive […]

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Simple Steps that Reduced my Bounce Rate

Given that my current project is all about engagement, it’s probably not surprising that I’m more focused on engagement with my website than number of hits. Here’s my SEO strategy: write content, post regularly, give pages different names, insert images properly. That’s it. However the bounce rate is more interesting – that’s the number of […]

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Great Teachers

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, given certain circumstances I find myself in. And I’ve realized that in all my time at university (I’m entering my 6th year) I’ve had two great professors. The kind that inspire you, the student, with passion. Who explain clearly. The ones who teach the classes that you […]

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Page Views vs. Engagement

There’s an interesting article here entitled Audience vs. Traffic. It’s about how engagement is more important that hits, and has an interesting point on the newspaper industry as well. I’ve said this before, but as we get more sophisticated ways to measure engagement things will change.