A Taxonomy of Remote Work

Multi-Location Multiple offices. Often teams are organized to be based in one office. Benefits: Employ people in multiple locations (e.g. outside of the bay area). Challenges: Communication cross-site, competition for projects, frequent travel (esp for leaders in the organization). Remote By Location Not By Timezone People don’t work in the same place but work on the same timezone. […]

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Figuring out “Remote Work” is Figuring out “Work”

Credit: Xisco Bibiloni /Wikimedia Commons There’s a category of Remote Work Think Pieces (by men) that is all about how they personally have had to adapt to remote work (different from the “remote work is the answer” think piece). These annoy me not because I don’t love reading about other people’s workflow and productivity (I do!) […]

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An Incomplete List of Things I Love About Remote Work

5 danbos lie in the snow in a line

  Working in my PJs. Working on the sofa. Working from coffee shops. Working from airports. Working from bed (only in hotels). Talking a walk at lunchtime. If people comment on my health, it’s because I said I don’t feel well and not because I’m, e.g., not wearing makeup. Not finding random men in the […]

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That Remote Work Think Piece Has Some Glaring Omissions (A Rant)

When I started thinking about what would be next for me after my year of funemployment, remote work weighted pretty highly on my list. People who know me might think that it’s because of my geographical indecision, and yes, that was a consideration, but the biggest factor for me was not actually that. I didn’t want to […]

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Structure, Meetings and Other People

circles of colors

When I started on this self-employed adventure, I had no structure. This was the first adjustment. I allowed myself to be distracted by potential projects, pitching things, doing unpaid work in the hope that it would pay off (it didn’t). Over time I created habits for myself, drew boundaries, evolved to this 5 days on / […]

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7 Reasons To Work From The Gym

cute sea otter

My coworking space lately has been the gym. Which might seem odd, but is actually brilliant. Here’s why. 7. Hydration I have this habit of running around and forgetting to drink water, but nowhere is water-drinking more encouraged than the gym. Also clean, women’s bathrooms are nice. 6. No Animals I understand, the trendy thing is to […]

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Exciting News

danbo nature

Sometimes you have to do the scary thing. So here it is: I’m leaving Google at the end of the month. Will post more about The Plan at a later date, but for now suffice it to say I’ll be working on some personal projects that I’d love to see if I could turn in to something, and […]

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This Week

LIFE So little time for life when on a business trip! Got to hang out with a couple of friends in Seattle, got kicked out of a bar with one of them… for not carrying my passport. We’d ordered green tea and water, and mac and cheese. Rocknroll! Caught up with a couple more on […]

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On Burnout


I am so burnt out right now. There’s a long list of reasons for that, but a lot of it is just the industry and how women are treated – as one of my friends put it “dudes are just a trigger warning for you at this point”. And this is exacerbated by not feeling […]

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