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7 Reasons To Work From The Gym

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My coworking space lately has been the gym. Which might seem odd, but is actually brilliant. Here’s why.

7. Hydration

I have this habit of running around and forgetting to drink water, but nowhere is water-drinking more encouraged than the gym. Also clean, women’s bathrooms are nice.

6. No Animals

I understand, the trendy thing is to bring your dog to work. I personally really don’t like dogs, so a big plus for co-working at the gym is that no-one takes their dog to the gym. Sometimes there are children but a hidden corner and noise cancelling headphones works well for pretending there are not.

5. Off-Peak Wifi

Peak working time is not peak working-out time, so high speed wifi all day, no obligation (actual or imaginary) to buy coffee. Win.

4. Healthy Food Only

I like coffee shops as much as the next girl, and a Starbucks Peppermint hot chocolate is my crack. The gym coffee shop holds no temptation for me though. And even if it did, the snack would be high in nutrients, low in sugar and fat.

3. Relaxed Dress Code

No need to get dressed up (or, at all). Everyone is hanging out in sweats anyway.

2. Lockers

One of the things that I find hard about having no based is carrying everything I need for the day around with me. Coworking from the gym, I leave whatever I don’t need (like, my gym gear) in a locker, get some work done, meet some people, work some more, get a workout in, and go home.

1. No Excuse to Skip Your Workout

Feeling distracted and low energy? Working up a sweat is a great way to recharge.

In the zone? Feeling productive? Well whatever. I’m here. May as well swing some kettlebells and go swimming.

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