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Highs and Lows

I said goodbye to someone special recently, and after a long walk and brunch with a friend, I threw myself a little pity-party. I bought myself flowers and two delicious artisan cupcakes from a farmers market, and blew my $100/month Amazon budget on novels, one of which I devoured whole. Basically it was, “I’m going […]

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Wear What You Want

Today, I wore a mini-skirt (gray) over leggings (black) with ballet flats (gray) and a plain tshirt and cardi (both black). I wore my hair down, and (naturally) curly. I know, I don’t normally share the details of my wardrobe, but bear with me – I have a point. It was an ideal outfit for […]

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How Not To Get Things Done

I have had a pretty appalling week in terms of the difference between what I wanted to achieve, and what I did achieve. Things outside my control: Re-aggravating shoulder injury. So much pain. Increased sleeping due to pain killers. Two trips to chiro (feeling a lot better now – finally). Car is broken and needs a bunch of […]

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Dealing With More Travel

I really enjoyed my 6 weeks of going nowhere. I know, I don’t get to complain because my life sounds so glamorous – but reality is different. Oh New York! You’re so lucky. I know, the hotel was wonderful, the office fantastic, and the three blocks in between? Just fabulous. This was the trip I struggled […]

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Bagels, Chores, and Compromises

I discovered something new about where I live at the weekend. The nearby drugmart doesn’t sell bagels. I’d always assumed that they would, but when I tested that theory I found it lacking. Living in a small place, there wasn’t anywhere I could continue on to and so I ended up at my boyfriend’s apartment […]

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Balancing Acts

When I started work, I set myself a simple rule – one that I’d less deliberately followed last summer. At the end of the day, leave work computer at work. Do not put work email on phone. It works. I enjoy my evenings and weekends. I wake up excited to go to the office. I […]

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Being Present

I hate what I’m working on lately. That’s probably been apparent from the moaning on Twitter and somewhat angsty blogposts. It’s nearly done… but it doesn’t feel that way. It feels endless. What I’ve noticed, is how much of a struggle it is to be in the moment, working on whatever it is that I […]

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My Secret Life as an Introvert

My friend Maggie tells me I’m an introvert. Not because I’m shy, or because large groups make me nervous, but because I don’t get my energy from being around people. I was surprised by this, because I guess I’ve always considered myself to be extroverted and so I asked another close friend and he said […]

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Working for The Man

I keep reading people who’ve quit their job in order to make a living as a blogger. There’s all this stuff about minimalist life, and freedom from routine. Is routine so bad? Is stuff so bad? I like to live in different places, but I like to live there. And I like having stuff. If […]

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Student Workaholism

It’s been bothering me a little lately that some people have been describing me as a workaholic, I think that university effectively rewards workaholism and in the real world it’s easier to avoid. Here are a list of reasons I’ve come up with (feel free to suggest more!): No distinction between work place and home […]