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So little time for life when on a business trip! Got to hang out with a couple of friends in Seattle, got kicked out of a bar with one of them… for not carrying my passport. We’d ordered green tea and water, and mac and cheese. Rocknroll! Caught up with a couple more on video chat, and got quite a bit of writing done on various planes. Ended up in NYC for Saturday night, having dinner with a work-friend from Sydney, so that was cool! And my friend from London flew out to hang out with me and see NYC.

Did manage to get some cardio in 4 times which is more than I usually manage on work trips, and is so helpful for keeping my sanity.

Was happy to discover how easy it is to change a domestic flight – I couldn’t face the redeye on Friday night (so exhausted, never really made it to west-coast time) and they let me push it back to the following morning, no charge. Meanwhile I checked in to a nearby hotel for some actual sleep!


Even more hectic than last week! Gave a talk. So many meetings – west coast is an easier timezone for catching up with people (including one of my mentors) and I was prepping like crazy for next week. Took some UX courses too, which were really interesting – and helpful! Schedule being so packed meant I didn’t spend as much time with the team as I wanted, but I’ll be back soon. Also schedule being so packed people said my calendar was stressful to them (eek, I never wanted to be that person) and one of my friends said I sounded like a product manager. Noooooo!

I really don’t want to be a PM, but it’s good to have actual work challenges (even if it’s “be firm about priorities”, “don’t be a PM”), rather than the nebulous and depressing one of “women are treated badly in this industry and frankly I can’t take it any more”. And what I’m doing is really interesting – currently thinking a lot about personas, user-centric design, usage patterns on mobile.


Finished  The Charisma Myth! Finally. And read Self-Promotion for Introverts. Now re-reading All For You by Sheila O’Flanagan – I should really go to Dublin, I read so many books that are set there.

Finished Jane by Design which is cute, some light relief, sad they didn’t renew it for another season. Also watching Big Bang Theory Season 7, and err… Keeping up With the Kardashians Season 6 (bought when I discovered that half the shows I watched weren’t available on UK iTunes, taking recommendations for new things to watch). Been listening to whatever is playing on my iPhone.

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