Book: I, Partridge: We Need to Talk About Alan

I, Partridge: We Need to Talk About Alan

I actually had no idea who Alan Partridge was, and just bought the book in an effort to expand my horizons – I think after Stephen Fry tweeted about it (cannot find tweet, I could well be wrong). As a result, the reading was a bit weird at first – the guy seemed to have quite a boring life, be unappealingly narcissistic, and a homophobic, sexist pig. I hoped it was irony/weird British humour but I confess I just wasn’t finding it that amusing… and then it got up to when he killed Forbes McAllister and I actually looked him up and… oh, light dawns. He gets progressively worse as the book goes on, and I wonder, what did I miss thinking it was a joke that I didn’t find particularly funny?

I know, bit daft of me. After that I appreciated it in the style of Adrian Mole (Amazon). Although I think having no idea about these TV shows probably does mean I missed out on it. In all, I’d say – probably worth getting if you are a fan of the TV shows, and if not… maybe watch at least one of the TV shows first.