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I’m in Mendellin, Colombia for four days. I had hoped to take a break for a bit but I can’t because 1) things (potentially good things! but still things) have come up. 2) I’m behind from being sick before I came, and it taking 2 days to get here. The hotel internet is terrible. It’s […]

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Google vs. Censored Internet

Of course, I’ve been following the debate about Google leaving China and the fallout. There’s a good summary in the NYT, as well as a piece on Sergey Brin and his childhood in the Soviet Union. I really love the evil meter. I was in China in 2007 for about 3 months. I’d braced myself […]

Social Networking

Great Talk from danah boyd at Le Web

Interesting thoughts on visibility, the good and the bad. See her crib sheet here, too.

Facebook Social Networking Visualization


This is kinda awesome – check out the demos here. Screenshot for “Social Networking” from Amazon:   My Facebook network (zoomed out):   Zoomed in:   And finally, this adds a whole new dimension to Vanity Searching!