I’m in Mendellin, Colombia for four days. I had hoped to take a break for a bit but I can’t because 1) things (potentially good things! but still things) have come up. 2) I’m behind from being sick before I came, and it taking 2 days to get here. The hotel internet is terrible. It’s […]

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Google vs. Censored Internet

Of course, I’ve been following the debate about Google leaving China and the fallout. There’s a good summary in the NYT, as well as a piece on Sergey Brin and his childhood in the Soviet Union. I really love the evil meter. I was in China in 2007 for about 3 months. I’d braced myself […]

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"social networking" on Amazon - using TouchGraph

This is kinda awesome – check out the demos here. Screenshot for “Social Networking” from Amazon:   My Facebook network (zoomed out):   Zoomed in:   And finally, this adds a whole new dimension to Vanity Searching!            

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