Maybe… You Should Apologise

Tweet reads: Men in tech I'm curious - if/when you accepted that you work in a misogynistic industry and unwittingly perpetuated the status quo did you ever feel compelled to apologise to anyone? (Poll, long form responses also welcome) 57% Yes, it went well 10% Yes, it went badly 11% No, afraid 22% No, no reason to

I ran a poll on Twitter this week looking for answers to a question I was curious about. I find the results interesting. On the one hand it encourages me how many people have apologised and it went well. On the other, the number of people who say “no reason to” makes me despondent. The […]

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A Question

16/365²: Sin ideas

There’s a question that I have found myself asking a lot over the last two years: “do you know what a good environment looks like, though?” I ask it when a friend comes to me with anxiety about performance reviews. I ask it to the friend who left a bad environment only to end up in […]

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On Recent Events

Earlier this year I withdrew from a conference because the organizer refused to implement a proper code of conduct (eventually he put up something but he refused to specify unacceptable behavior). I did not expect this to be such a contentious decision or one I would have to be reminded of nearly 6 months later. […]

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#GHC15: Jo Miller – Build your brand as an emerging leader or technical expert

jo miller on stage

My notes from @Jo_Miller‘s session at GHC. The Emerging Leaders Quandary – can’t get recognised as someone who is ready to lead a larger team.  Why we get stuck – you can’t get that higher level job without the leadership experience… but you can’t get the leadership experience without the job. Do not outsource your […]

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My GHC Survival Strategy

I don’t always manage all of these but I typically regret the ones I miss… If coming from any distance, arrive Monday. Stay until Sunday – and don’t make any plans for Saturday. Stock up on snacks – the keynotes start so early (830) and if you want a decent seat you won’t have time […]

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Communities @ GHC

One complaint that I heard a bunch last year – and levelled myself – was that it was so student focused there wasn’t a lot for mid-career women. But last night I went to two events that were really different from other events I’ve attended before at GHC! So exciting. First was Munchies, Mojitos & Making […]

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The Sixth Time

Grace Hopper badge reads "Cate Huston Google", modified to read "Xoogler"

I’m heading to Houston, Texas this week to go to the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing. It’ll be my sixth time attending, and over the years I’ve gone in various guises. As a grad student, a Google employee, in disguise (I de-branded myself and refused to do any recruiting activities), as an independent. This year […]

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Coping Mechanisms and Unlearned Skills

The thing about an environment where the main thing you are learning is survival skills: what are you /not/ learning as a result?

One of the things I’ve been meditating on since escaping the tech industry is what skills do you not acquire when the main skills you are learning are how to cope in a bad situation? And do you have to unlearn them to go back? The other thing about environments where we “cope” rather than “thrive” […]

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Social Media Coping Strategies

gargoyle with hands over eyes

Over the last year the way I use social media has changed. It wasn’t dramatic. Just time passed… how much I was willing to share decreased, I started to feel anxious at times. The most vicious things normally end up in the moderation queue of my blog, and I could probably still quote things long […]

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Codes of Conduct and Worthless Manfeelings

four male heads expressing emotion, the heads may be made of rubber. they look creepy.

Earlier this year I pulled out of a conference because the organiser and I disagreed on code of conducts. Specifically I thought there should be one, and he did not. He did eventually add one, but refused to define unacceptable behaviour. Myself and another woman pulled out. This whole experience was really upsetting to me, […]

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