On Recent Events

Earlier this year I withdrew from a conference because the organizer refused to implement a proper code of conduct (eventually he put up something but he refused to specify unacceptable behavior). I did not expect this to be such a contentious decision or one I would have to be reminded of nearly 6 months later. […]

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Codes of Conduct and Worthless Manfeelings

four male heads expressing emotion, the heads may be made of rubber. they look creepy.

Earlier this year I pulled out of a conference because the organiser and I disagreed on code of conducts. Specifically I thought there should be one, and he did not. He did eventually add one, but refused to define unacceptable behaviour. Myself and another woman pulled out. This whole experience was really upsetting to me, […]

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Magic Solutions to Materialize Women at 3 Days Notice

Odd One Out

I was annoyed recently, because a┬áconglomerate organising a conference pinged us (and every other group that might yield “diverse” speakers) to promote their CfP… three days before closing. I sent them a series of comments on how leaving it to the last minute like that wasn’t helpful. As Chiu-Ki put it “we’re not a magic […]

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Uncomfortable Conversations About Money

money flower

When it comes to speaking at a conference which involves some travel costs, there are four* main options: The conference pays. The company you work for pays. You pay. You don’t go. The Conference Pays I think this, announced up front, is the most inclusive option because it means you don’t have to talk about […]

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The Year of Being Visible

Jeero vs. Danbo Setup

When I decided it was time to leave my corporate tech job, I made an 18 month plan. One key item on it: speaking at conferences. I prepped one talk (building it off some of my more popular blog posts), and submitted it to a number of places, hoping it would be accepted at one […]

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Conferences, Code of Conducts, and Being #ThatWoman

Kissing tiger cubs

Like a lot of people, I took the Code of Conduct pledge (so I was really pleased to see GHC add one this year), firstly because I see it as a sign that the event is committed to making it a welcoming space for women, and I do really only want to attend events where […]

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