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#GHC15: Jo Miller – Build your brand as an emerging leader or technical expert

My notes from @Jo_Miller‘s session at GHC. The Emerging Leaders Quandary – can’t get recognised as someone who is ready to lead a larger team.  Why we get stuck – you can’t get that higher level job without the leadership experience… but you can’t get the leadership experience without the job. Do not outsource your […]

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Communities @ GHC

One complaint that I heard a bunch last year – and levelled myself – was that it was so student focused there wasn’t a lot for mid-career women. But last night I went to two events that were really different from other events I’ve attended before at GHC! So exciting. First was Munchies, Mojitos & Making […]


#ghc15: Natasha Murashev – The Zen Guide to WatchOS

My friend @NatashaTheRobot gave an awesome talk at GHC about WatchOS. I find a lot of tech talks focus on the how, not the why, but she completely inverted it – tying the technical details to the kind of experience you want to create. I’ve been pretty meh on watches (and glasses) because I want fewer […]