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#GHC15 – Brian Nosek: Solving Implicit Bias in Gender and STEM

Start far from implicit bias, at the implicit associations of the mind. Our understanding is mediated by our sensory systems. The mediation of these and all cognitive architecture, means that reality and our experience of reality, is not the same thing. Lots of inferences our mind makes to help understand reality. This gap. First way […]


#GHC15 – CRA-W Leadership Workshop: Gaining Recognition

My notes from the session from Deb Agarwal (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) and Mary Jane Irwin (Pennsylvania State University) at GHC. Submit “leadership style” proposals. Submit “early career” LDRD and “Genius” grants. Create tools/systems that other use to do their research OSS TED talks Forces you to learn how to give a good talk, on time. […]

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My GHC Survival Strategy

I don’t always manage all of these but I typically regret the ones I miss… If coming from any distance, arrive Monday. Stay until Sunday – and don’t make any plans for Saturday. Stock up on snacks – the keynotes start so early (830) and if you want a decent seat you won’t have time […]

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The Sixth Time

I’m heading to Houston, Texas this week to go to the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing. It’ll be my sixth time attending, and over the years I’ve gone in various guises. As a grad student, a Google employee, in disguise (I de-branded myself and refused to do any recruiting activities), as an independent. This year […]

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Speaker Notes: Burning Down The Patriarchy

Edited notes from my talk at UW Oct 15th which was in part a reflection of what had happened at GHC this year. This is the talk I live tweeted. I gave a talk on mobile last week at GHC, and I was feeling a little weird about the level of visibility I was experiencing […]

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Tweeting Shit That Men Say

Background: Last week was GHC, it included a Male Allies panel (live streamed) and a male keynote event (available to watch online). I tweeted a lot (with others) and wrote a couple of things. The Male Allies panel was followed by a reverse “you talk we listen” event. There was also a Male Allies Focus group […]

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Male Allies and GHC

This year will be my 5th year at GHC (Grace Hopper Celebration, the annual conference for technical women from the Anita Borg Institute), my first speaking, and my first in my new post-corporate-job life. It’s been blocked on my calendar since last year, and there has been a long lead time, which means I made the […]

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#GHC13: Panel on Entrpreneurship

One of the things I really liked about this session was that it was three older women, and not all of them lived in the Valley (sadly I can’t find the description of the panel or the panelists). So much of what I read and hear about tech startups is SV based, that it’s extremely […]

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Brenda Chapman at GHC 2013

This talk – by the woman behind Brave (Amazon) was absolutely on of my favourite ever GHC talks. Warm, and funny, and inspiring. Talked about some difficult things, but overall positive. Scared to come to GHC, because she’s a technological dinosaur. Pixar was full of smart people, but kids. She was in the kids group. […]

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GHC: Leadership Workshop with Patty Azzarello

I was interested in this workshop, because I had read Azzarello’s book, Rise: How to Be Really Successful and Like Your Life. “Your job description is not a life sentence.” “You have more control than you think.” These quotes set the stage for a really helpful presentation about how we see our jobs, and how […]