The ROI of Writing

man covered in screwed up pieces of paper, slumps over desk holding onto a lamp

I’ve had a good run lately, when it comes to feeling like the hours I pour into writing this blog are worthwhile. Someone recognized me as the person who wrote this post (yay!). A graduate student based a seminar on my writing on external causes of imposter syndrome (wow!). And I got an email that ended with […]

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#GHC15 – CRA-W Leadership Workshop: Gaining Recognition

"I Come In Peace, Take Me To Your Leader!"

My notes from the session from Deb Agarwal (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) and Mary Jane Irwin (Pennsylvania State University) at GHC. Submit “leadership style” proposals. Submit “early career” LDRD and “Genius” grants. Create tools/systems that other use to do their research OSS TED talks Forces you to learn how to give a good talk, on time. […]

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