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Some Thoughts On Mentoring

I’m lucky to have a large and broad network, internally and externally. Well, I say lucky. I work at it. I stay in touch, ping people to say hi, schedule lunches, arrange to meet up when I’m in the area, or they are in the area, ask how they are doing, take an interest in […]

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GHC: Leadership Workshop with Patty Azzarello

I was interested in this workshop, because I had read Azzarello’s book, Rise: How to Be Really Successful and Like Your Life. “Your job description is not a life sentence.” “You have more control than you think.” These quotes set the stage for a really helpful presentation about how we see our jobs, and how […]

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Girl Geek Dinner

Last night I went to my first Girl Geek Dinner. It was awesome. I don’t think I’d even realized how male-dominated my existence was, until I was in a room full of women (and maybe 2 guys). Yes, there was some talk of handbags, but everyone seemed interested in everyone else, there was so much […]

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On The Spot

Tonight I went to Students and Startups at The Code Factory. It was really good, although I was nervous at first because we were doing these building challenges, which I worry I suck at. In the end it was OK – we didn’t win, but I don’t think anyone else had much more of a […]


Learning How To Network

I’m fairly outgoing – I mean, I moved to another country knowing basically no-one. And I coped. But it’s easy to meet people when you’re a student, and there are a lot of international students here who know what you’re going through. So it’s not been that hard for me to build a group of […]

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Democamp 12

Monday was Democamp 12, I heard about it in the morning and managed to get a ticket (someone dropped out). It was really a great evening; I met some really cool people and won a model plane. Events: Betidings and Twegather First up presenting was Betidings. The concept is that you have a calendar of […]