#Øredev14: Dan North – Deliberate Advice from an Accidental Career

Sage advice

My notes from Dan North’s talk at Øredev14. “People Love Machine” – About people having an emotional connection with technology. About 25 years in tech, had some wonderful wonderful interactions with people. Later realised pivotal moments. Be aware when you’re interacting, you may be having an impact. Most interactions were from professional life, but realised a […]

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#OreDev – Starting Up: Building Great Products with Small Teams – Jan Erik Solem

My notes from Jan Erik Solem‘s talk at Oredev. I’m not sure how widely applicable these takeaways are, clearly this is working for them (or was when I saw this talk in 2014) but I would not extrapolate too much from that. Overall Team Guidelines: Small team with high performers. Independent learners. Doers – who manage […]

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Oredev: Alex Harms – Careful With Those People Skills


My notes from a talk Alex Harms gave at Oredev. People skills are seen as easy, we call them “soft skills”. Going to talk about the hardest things, as honestly as can. I don’t know any version of people skills that will make you not a colossal jerk. I am a colossal jerk, and I suspect that […]

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Oredev: Deconstructing Her


My notes from Chris Noessel‘s talk “Deconstructing Her” at Oredev. Movie is about a lovelorn fellow going through painful divorce at the same time he decides to upgrade his computer. Begins a relationship with the AI. Begins professionally, gets romantic. Try to consummate through a surrogate (awkward!) Eventually self-rapture to a new plane of existence. It’s […]

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Notes: IWD at Accenture

AMI on stage

I got to attend Accenture’s International Women’s Day event earlier this year because my friend AMI was speaking. There were a bunch of incredible women speaking, and I took lots of notes. Sheena – Accenture. “It sounds hard, being a woman in the city. Will it be different for us?” – asked a girl during […]

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#ModevUX Design, Device, Delight

apripoko robot

Design to Delight Personalised. Responsive to orientation, tap and gesture. Culturally relevant. Shared context is not just about sharing, about grind between designers and developers, “keeps your friends close and your developers closer”. Sharing context: Early and frequent collaboration. Design considering development. Implement considering user experience. Having trouble? Colocate! Get to point where everyone has a common […]

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#GHC13: Panel on Entrpreneurship

baby duck

One of the things I really liked about this session was that it was three older women, and not all of them lived in the Valley (sadly I can’t find the description of the panel or the panelists). So much of what I read and hear about tech startups is SV based, that it’s extremely […]

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