New(-ish) Eng-Managers Slack

For 8 months, from the start of December to the start of August, I was a manager. This was in many ways incredibly rewarding – now that I’m no longer a manager my favourite thing is being friends with the people who used to report to me. But it was also at times crushingly lonely. […]

mobile WISE women in computer science

Communities @ GHC

One complaint that I heard a bunch last year – and levelled myself – was that it was so student focused there wasn’t a lot for mid-career women. But last night I went to two events that were really different from other events I’ve attended before at GHC! So exciting. First was Munchies, Mojitos & Making […]

Twitter Visualization

List Visualizations

So these have been on a bit of a back burner lately, with the end of the semester and associated craziness. However I had a suggestion from Treena that’s been sitting in my inbox for a while. She suggested I try @erinblaskie‘s lists, here’s hoping they show more of what I think this visualization will […]