Habits that Helped in 2017

My coach had been taking me through some things reflecting on the past year, which has been brutal on a number of levels. The word I set for the year was “thrive” but it felt a lot more like “survive” most of the time. One of the things I did at the end of last […]

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Habits, Revisited

I gave myself March off blogging. Which seems like it might be a weird thing to do – to take time off a thing that is clearly optional. But, I live by the schedule. So every week writing is not optional, there’s a deadline, because otherwise I am not sure I would ever consider things […]

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Another Break

Danbo reaches for Kindle

Last year I took a month off blogging. I live by the schedule, but sometimes it seems oppressive. I don’t want to break it arbitrarily, but if I’m so busy living by the schedule how do I understand what it does for me, and what should change? Last year I didn’t get the desired effects. […]

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Book: Better than Before

better than before

I’ve been reading Gretchen Rubin‘s blog for a long time, including (I think) the whole time she was writing this book, so wasn’t sure how much I would get from reading Better than Before. A lot of the ideas in it I’d seen in her blog, but actually having it all in one place at one time […]

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My On-Going Delusion About Being Human

Robot Girl

I have, and have had for years (I’ve written about it again and again from either side of thinking I’m going mad), this on-going delusion that I should be super-human. That I should be killing it at work, on my side projects, working out like a crazy person, having an active social life and a […]

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Process, and Culture

developed cross-process by Provia

As an individual, I have habits, and I have processes. The processes are things that aren’t quite natural enough to be habits, yet.  I think process helps me create a framework that helps me be effective – at work, and in life. For example, having a schedule for my blog. Posting something on Monday, Wednesday and Friday […]

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The Second Hardest Thing About Moving

The hardest thing about moving is obviously leaving people you love behind. There are two parts of this – first, there are always the people who don’t seem to be bothered that you left. Which even though I know, and expect now, I still find crushing. The ones who stop hanging out even before you […]

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Habits vs Tasks: I Want an App For That

A man or woman on a leash

I have this list of “habits” that I need to make time for, on a daily or weekly basis. For example: Get some exercise, every day. Read a book, every week, Weight train 2x a week. Do something for just for me, every day. Connect with a friend, every day. Do something outside (a long […]

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