Book: Big Magic

I started with the podcast: Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert, which I loved so much that I ordered the book that prompted it – Big Magic (Amazon). In the podcast, Gilbert takes people one at a time through their creative block, following up with a call to someone else who she thinks will be helpful. […]

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The Year of Habits

This time a year ago, I felt like my creativity had died of COVID. Died of boredom. Died of exhaustion. Suffocated under the weight of… everything. In the struggle of this, I felt caught between the should of, I should be able to do this, and the recognition that the world was on fire. I […]


12 Days of Creativity

Something that I was struggling with as 2020 came to a close was that I was leaving the year the same way I started it – feeling burnt out. Whilst things had improved – I had managed to get a better baseline, address life debt, change the situations that had caused me to be burnt […]

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On Not

I realised something earlier this year: if you want something different, you have to create space for it. Something different requires time, creativity, serendipity. If there’s no space, you never find the new thing, because you’re so busy going from A to B you don’t have time to see it, even if you were looking for […]

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The Myth of the Intersection of Creativity, Energy, and Time

There’s a common myth that makes side projects close to impossible. It’s thinking that side projects can only happen at the intersection of energy, creativity, and time. That’s a pretty high bar. That intersection doesn’t come around all that often. For me, it’s usually about day 3 of a 3 day weekend. The UK has 8 public holiday […]

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Experiment: No Novel November

There was a period, thankfully a brief one, when I was spending $100 a week on Kindle Books. I know, shocking. I was reading them too, mostly novels. I’ve since started tracking my expenditure on books more – limiting myself to a $100 a month budget, which was helping me not purchase quite so many […]

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Need to be Dull to be Creative

For ages, I’ve been worrying about why I was feeling really low on creativity. It’s hard to pin point what changed – was work more demanding? Social life fuller? Too tired at the end of the day because I just do so much more physically (in Canada even with a pretty intense gym regime I […]

Awesome Foundation

Awesome Foundation KW

When I was apartment hunting in KW, I went to see the knit the bridge project in nearby Cambridge. It was a really awesome project, and it made me excited to move to KW. The energy I felt here from the first time I visited – coincidentally when Ignite was on – has just been […]