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Another Break

Danbo reaches for Kindle
Credit: Flickr / Zhao !

Last year I took a month off blogging. I live by the schedule, but sometimes it seems oppressive. I don’t want to break it arbitrarily, but if I’m so busy living by the schedule how do I understand what it does for me, and what should change?

Last year I didn’t get the desired effects. I just worked a lot, and watched the West Wing. Or maybe I just didn’t get the desired effects at the time. In retrospect, I think it not working was something of a kick to find other things that did. To carve out more time for my own projects.

So this year, I’m going to try again. With slightly different reasons and ideas of success.

I want to balance inputs and outputs. Writing is an output. I want this time to read more. Articles. Books. Whatever. Lately I feel like these are out of whack. I write more than I read. I review more than I code. On a slightly more practical level, I don’t think I really responded to personal email through the entirety of February.

There are only so many hours in the day, and effectiveness only goes so far. I’m freeing up some hours to read. And maybe write more… code.

I’ll still be doing weekly wrap ups, Technically Speaking, and Where the Hell is Cate. Other than that! I’ll be back in April.