This Week



Flying and in Tokyo. Busy week, between conference and work but found some bits of time to hang with friends (and owls! And hedgies! And bunnies!) and also met up with my dad who happened to also be in Tokyo at the same time. Then headed to Seoul for vacation.

Continuing to work through Spanish lessons on Duolingo… now that I’m no longer in a Spanish speaking country.


Gave a talk at Try!Swift, other than that mainly trying to keep on top of things with a ~10 hour time difference. This meant things like getting up at 5am to have meetings, but my team is worth it. That kind of asynchronicity pushed me to think about how do I spend my time? What do I do that’s useful? Answers: ongoing.


Finished One Strategy (interesting, I learned a lot), and reading Switch (liking it so far). Novels, read: Your Perfect Life, What Would Lizzy Bennet Do?, and Put a Ring On It. Very light relief, particularly the latter two.

Product links Amazon.


A new edition of Technically Speaking is out.

Sent a Where The Hell is Cate letter from HND.

I was on Less than or Equal (and I’m really please with it).

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