“Who Made Your Slides?” (Not Me)

I’ve been having someone else create my slide decks for a while now. Because I hate creating slide decks. Because I’m not good at it. Because I don’t want to get good at it – better to practise delegation instead. Because it forces me to think about message I want my slides to give, rather than […]

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In Pursuit of Awesome

My coolest title right now is “Instigator of Awesome” at Awesome Ottawa. So what’s Awesome Ottawa? It’s a group of 10 trustees and a Dean of Awesome, and every month we give away $1000 to enable something awesome. So far, we’ve funded an art-flash-mob, a living-evolving installation, a 350-org climate change event. When Levannia asked […]

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Holiday Science Lecture Presentation: Art, Life and Programming

Here’s the slidedeck! Because I’m presenting in French I’ve kept text to a minimum: Art, Life and Programming View more documents from Cate Huston. Posts with detailed notes about what I’ll be covering and the videos (which won’t work from Slideshare – boo!): Part 1: Introduction Part 2: Art Part 3: Life Part 4: Programming

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Slides for Applied Clique Finding: Discovering More about your Twitter Network

Abstract can be found here. As ever, let me know what you think! Applied Cliqe Finding: Discovering More about your Twitter Network View more presentations from Cate Huston.

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Web 2.0 Presentation

This week my supervisor, two of my office mates (Amir and Payam) and I have been working hard putting together a presentation we’ve recorded for a conference in Algeria on Sunday. I laid out the slides in Keynote, using my color scheme (luckily the others were OK with the pink). We’ve been impressed with how […]

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Presentation Slides for "Conversation 2.0: Twitter"

I’ve created my slides for my presentation (abstract) following a Presentation Zen (Amazon) approach. So there are basically no words on any of my slides. I’m going to lay them out one by one, with narration. Let me know what you think! I’ve gone for a blank template. I wonder if this is too plain […]