The Pipeline is a Bullshit Argument, and Other Rants

melting girl

The latest comments are from a guy who runs a startup incubator, but next week it will be someone else. Men, so many men, would like to explain why there are no women in the tech industry, and how it is not, actually, their fault, and there is nothing they can do, so can we […]

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Emotional Women Have Context


Do you remember the thing at Pycon, earlier this year? I’m not going to write specifically what, because I don’t want to linkbait. But if you are on Twitter and follow any technical women… I’m sure you saw it. It seemed like in the end, the consensus on the Internet (which I do not agree […]

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Thinking About Statistics

Fifty years of sports statistics. Hardly recreational reading material, Marty.

I’ve been thinking lately, if we really accepted the statistics about technical women as being likely to reflect our own experiences, how might that affect our behaviour? It can be hard, as technical women, as we deviate from the statistical “norm” for a long time, and it’s easy to think that will keep going… but […]

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Three Phases of Technical Women

Zodiac's Stuff - One of pisces stone

Amongst other technical women, I’ve observed three broad phases when it comes to their feelings and attitudes with respect to the issues of women in tech. These are my unscientific and generalised observations. Ignorance is Bliss This phase is where women deny that there are any issues facing women in the industry, and sometimes even […]

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Smart Calendars

Calendar for w/c January 18th

Below is a picture of my schedule for this week: Bear in mind, that the scheduled times are typically those when I am not working – yes I am a little stressed, and incredibly unsympathetic to people who tell me they don’t have time to do things because they are “too busy”. I’ve had to […]

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The Future

The other day, I blogged about how technology education had to better prepare students for the future, but I didn’t come up with many ideas for how. Ultimately, it’s hard to prepare for the unknown and I evade predictions about the details. It’s really hard to educate for the future, if you don’t know what […]

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Mini-Generation Gaps

One Laptop Per Child

When I gave the Holiday Science lecture, one of the things that I touched on briefly was how my childhood was unrecognizable compared to the childhood of children 10 years my junior. This article – The Children of Cyberspace – from the New York Times elaborates on that further. From the article: “Researchers are exploring […]

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Holiday Science Lecture Presentation: Art, Life and Programming

Here’s the slidedeck! Because I’m presenting in French I’ve kept text to a minimum: Art, Life and Programming View more documents from Cate Huston. Posts with detailed notes about what I’ll be covering and the videos (which won’t work from Slideshare – boo!): Part 1: Introduction Part 2: Art Part 3: Life Part 4: Programming

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Time to Pull Myself Together

On Monday, I’m giving my “Art, Life and Programming” presentation. I’m a little burnt out after a crazy semester and frankly terrified, because I’m presenting in French. So since I got back to Canada, I’ve been working on revising my slides and thinking about what I’m going to talk about. It’s turned out, that there’s […]

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Art, Life, and Programming

This December, the University of Ottawa is holding some events to get children (7-10) interested in Engineering and Computer Science. I got the email and was inspired, because this is something I do. My full CV is on my LinkedIn, but suffice to say the past 3 summers I’ve been teaching programming to kids. 2007 […]

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