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Corporate Feminism and Thankless Emotional Labour

I have been using the phrase “Corporate Feminism” to mean Company-Focused Diversity work, typically pipeline based. There have been other uses of this, much of it critique of Sheryl Sandberg including this analysis from a racial perspective.  I don’t think we have an “official” definition and so hope that explains how I am using it here. If you […]

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A BS Metric for “Diversity”

Recently, I got to use the fact that I am a huge art nerd, to help a team I was on. It was awesome, because I actually felt appreciated – and there’s been something of a dearth of that lately, and because it was a showcase of the positive effects of diversity (something we had […]

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GHC13 – What Are You Going to Do Differently?

I have a bunch of posts to write up from GHC last week, which was as usual, awesome. But the question I was interested in people I went with answering was – what are you going to do differently when you get back? For me, it was a reminder about the takeaway I got from […]

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Great Talk from danah boyd at Le Web

Interesting thoughts on visibility, the good and the bad. See her crib sheet here, too.