That Time I Was an Imposter

I was reminded, recently, how much I have come to hate the phrase “imposter syndrome”. Not because I don’t think it’s a helpful concept (I do). But because it’s overused, and used harmfully. My post The Trouble with Imposters resurfaced, and I was in a BBC program about it. Then Rachel Smith wrote an awesome […]

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Corporate Feminism Part 2: How to Help

Jeddah Marriott no women sign

I sent my initial Corporate Feminism and Thankless Emotional Labour post to someone for feedback, and they suggested I add some action items to help. I think some of them are in our bingo card, but it’s worth breaking out. Really it comes down to: 1) ask for less. 2) give back more. 3) recognise […]

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Corporate Feminism and Thankless Emotional Labour

I have been using the phrase “Corporate Feminism” to mean Company-Focused Diversity work, typically pipeline based. There have been other uses of this, much of it critique of Sheryl Sandberg including this analysis from a racial perspective.  I don’t think we have an “official” definition and so hope that explains how I am using it here. If you […]

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