The #NotAllMen Project

Danbo meets Domo

Last week featured two milestones. I closed the first day of JSConfEU with a talk called “Some Things I’ve Learned about Color”, which is the story of how I left tech (not why). It’s about burnout, and how aside from overwork, there are 5 other things that cause it: lack of control, lack of reward, lack of […]

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Pitfalls for Men Talking About Diversity

Odd one out

Lately I’ve been watching more men give talks about diversity. Personally I’m in favour of this, because 1) If women could fix this, we would have by now – making “diversity” a “woman’s issue” is a way of perpetuating the status quo. And 2) there is clearly a subset of men who won’t listen to […]

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5 Guys You’ll Meet in the Tech Industry

lego men

The Faux Feminist This guy will tell you that he thinks there should be more women in tech, but balks at the idea of actually… doing anything about that, and any conversation on the topic somehow goes in the direction of what is fair for the men. He doesn’t think there should be “special” scholarships for […]

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A Man’s Guide to Helping Women in Tech

The War It's not a man's thing

What can men do? Other than not harass women? Although not harassing is a surprisingly good start.  TL;DR: Step 1 – Don’t drive women away. Step 2: Don’t stand by and watch other men drive women away. Step 3: Give women a reason to stick around.  Step 1: Don’t Perpetuate Understand the range and extent […]

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Friends, Allies

After my recent experiences, I’ve been thinking a lot about men. Not in the way where I think they are all misogynistic, sexually assaulting jerks (although yes, my idea of the prevalence of these things is off – I hope). But also just clinging to those in my life who I know have a healthy respect for other humans, […]

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