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On The Miseries of Technical Women: Dating

So Much In Common Recurring theme where a guy who works in tech meets a technical woman and thinks “Wow! We have the same kind of job! We have so much in common!” Which I guess when you have just 20% women might be a special occasion for them… but by this metric I am […]

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Love and Other Fairy Tales

It’s weird being single again. When things weren’t great, when I wasn’t happy – when I didn’t think things would work out, I never thought ahead to this point. Saturday night with nothing to do. Putting a friend down as my emergency contact on a form. It’s good. I’m not down about it. I was […]

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Dating Explained in Terms of Priority Queues

From The Algorithm Design Manual (Amazon): Many naturally occurring processes are accurately modeled by priority queues. Single people maintain a priority queue of potential dating candidates – mentally if not explicitly. One’s impression on meeting a new person maps directly to an attractiveness or desirability score. Desirability serves as the key field for inserting this […]