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The Great DomestiCation

I staged my house, photographed it, and wrote up a very detailed post of the ~year long project that was buying and renovating it. I call it: The Great DomestiCation.

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Creating the Productive Tension

When I joined the mobile team at Automattic, we had one designer – Matt Miklic, who wrote about the explerience of leading that team. However one thing I was reminded of following some of the current discussions around product development is how we thought about and approached design at the centre of the team, and […]


Book: Org Design for Design Orgs

I read Org Design for Design Orgs: Building and Managing In-House Design Teams (Amazon) on the recommendation of my team mate, Matt Miklic. I’ve spent a lot of time over the last 18 months working with Matt on how engineering teams can work better with designers, and I wish I’d read this book earlier! It was […]

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The Not-So-Secret Feminist Agenda

I put together this talk as part of Design+Exclusion. It’s about the ways in which women get told to be quiet, and some of the thought behind our approach to inclusivity with Technically Speaking. Watch it here. This was a challenging talk to put together because part of it involved looking up some of the […]

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#iOSDevUK – Luke Rogers: The Logic of App Design

Design is a skill you can learn, the same way development is a skill you can learn. Design is not about making it look pretty, small percentage of it. About working out hierarchy, working out what is important. Brainstorm what the user should be able to do. Not “have analytics” Instead “watch a video” Order […]

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ModevUX: Turning the Ship Overnight: A Responsive Retrofit at an Enterprise Scale

Talk from Capital One on moving their 2,500 page site to be mobile optimised. My Takeaway They drove mobile traffic up from 4%, to 40% in a year. My main shock here was that anyone was seeing mobile traffic as low as 4% in mid-2013. Given general internet trends, mobile traffic much below 40% is […]

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This Week

LIFE My birthday this week, which made me angsty. So many people remembered though which was really sweet. Hung out with friends, got in some reasonable gym time. Getting the pool to myself for a while on Saturday was a highlight of my week. Not feeling very creative lately, I think it’s because I’ve reached this […]

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Review: 40 Days of Dating

Sometimes I feel like we’re two aliens, from different planets with different languages, trying to communicate via Skype without electricity. Sigh. I spent a few hours over the break reading the 40 Days of Dating project. Two designers, friends with opposite attitudes to (and problems in) relationships conduct an experiment in dating each other, for 40 days. […]

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Dating Explained in Terms of Priority Queues

From The Algorithm Design Manual (Amazon): Many naturally occurring processes are accurately modeled by priority queues. Single people maintain a priority queue of potential dating candidates – mentally if not explicitly. One’s impression on meeting a new person maps directly to an attractiveness or desirability score. Desirability serves as the key field for inserting this […]


The Desire for 100% Coverage

I recently handed in an assignment on testing. It was fairly simple, and I expected it to take just a couple of hours and not teach me anything. That was not  the case. I really think that every situation is an opportunity to learn something (even if it’s not what you think you will). Lesson […]