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My birthday this week, which made me angsty. So many people remembered though which was really sweet. Hung out with friends, got in some reasonable gym time. Getting the pool to myself for a while on Saturday was a highlight of my week.

Not feeling very creative lately, I think it’s because I’ve reached this really boring part of The Project – substantially done, need to incorporate comments and edit etc. Hopefully a good break over the weekend and the bank holiday next week will help me push through this bit and make some progress.

Had a call to prep for a panel I’m going to be on at ModevUX, the other panellists seem really cool so that is exciting.


Tube strike sucked, although it did mean that I was finally shut away without distractions to make progress on this document that I’ve been trying to work on for a while. My team went out to celebrate a launch, which was cool, although otherwise it wasn’t a good week. Couple of disappointments.

Booked my flights for McLean and Seattle later this month.


Incredible deserts at Aux Merveilleux, sushi at Dozo (my fave), Zuma (so expensive but amazing) and Yashin (wow!). Dinner at My Old Place (so tasty) and dim sum at Dragon Palace. Also went to My Old Dutch, Bill’s restaurant (desert), and brunch at the Troubador Cafe.


All caught up on The Good Wife, back to watching the latest seasons of Covert Affairs, Big Bang Theory, and How I Met Your Mother. Also watching Melissa and Joey. Finally got around to watching The Hangover 3, which was hilarious and wrong, as were the first two.

Still working on An Absolute Deception (I never normally take this long to finish a novel, but I’ve read it before and I’m not getting into it)4 Hour Body (still trying out the tips, currently on cold showers – fail! – and swimming more, which is great), and Manage Your Day To Day.

Went to see Dirty Rotten Scoundrels which was completely bizarre but funny. The portrayal of women was pretty terrible though, including French maid outfits with the back cut out of the skirt (tiny frilly yet insufficiently revealing of their underwear without this modification?) except for one awesome twist.

Went to see In the Making at the Design Museum, which was really cool. All every day items stopped partway through the process. The Paul Smith exhibit I found less compelling.

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