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I Wrote a Book Chapter and Finally, You Can Read It


My 2014 side project was a technical book chapter on image processing for the Architecture of Open Source 500 Lines or Less Project. It was my bête noire, that consumed various evenings and weekends either by actual work, or by guilt.

2015 was mainly guilt, and some editing.

Recently the final copy edits came back, I read it one last time, and now I never need to read it again. You can though, the online version is here and the print copy will be out at some point.

For me, the process of writing a book chapter was one of coming to deeply hate a project that I had at one point, loved. But returning to it one last time, after enough time away from it, I was able to see why I had found that project so fascinating, and appreciate in retrospect the amount of care and work that had gone into it.

I really hope that others get something out of it. It’s about colour, and creating image filters, but also about testing the untestable, and the joys and benefits of prototyping.

[read it]

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