This Week

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I had to buy a Domestic Object which was quite stressful. I got sick, which sucked, so my last day in Medellin I just stayed inside drinking a lot of tea. Then, I flew to London where I’ve been catching up with friends.


Super intense week, at the end of which a bunch of things weren’t going to plan, which was stressful. Extra stressful: trying to deal with that kind of stuff at an airport when you’ve barely eaten in 48 hours. I think things worked out, though, because my team are awesome.

My Architecture of Open Source, 500 Lines or Less book chapter on image processing is finally up!! So happy that I never have to read it again.

Recorded another podcast, excited for this one to come out!


In MDE, my usual haunts Crepes and Waffles, Carmen, Archie‘s for breakfast, co-working at Como Pez en el Agua.


Finished Switch (great book), and Who Do You Love (loved it), reading A Window Opens.

Watching How I Met Your Mother, and the latest episodes of Big Bang Theory and The Good Wife.


A new edition of Technically Speaking is out.

I sent a Where the Hell is Cate letter from MDE.

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