Sponsorship Can Start Small

My friend Duretti asked for tips on being a mentor, and here was mine: figure out how they learn and help them surface that info (buy books). Look for opportunities to SPONSOR not just mentor. — cate (@catehstn) March 20, 2017 That seemed like impossible advice. But! some of it is just sharing the access […]

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3 Super Easy Things To Do For Other (Technical) Women

lend me your hand, Danbo

Women, are the best and the worst to each other. In it’s extreme form, it’s a trope of TV and film. Think Mean Girls, Bridesmaids, Something Borrowed (all Amazon). But in real life, it’s my female friends who remember my birthday, send me flowers after a breakup, encourage me when I leave my comfort zone. […]

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Sponsors, Mentors and Allies

I don’t think we talk enough about sponsors in general, whereas at every woman in tech event, oh, another mentoring opportunity. I’m all set for mentors, and have enough women who I offer support too that I can’t actively look for more. They are super helpful, but as I observed to the fabulous Jo Miller¬†recently, […]

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Rise: How to Be Really Successful and Like Your Life


Rise¬†(Amazon) is focused on helping you become CEO. As a result I found some of it a bit overly-ambitious for me. But – it contained some really great advice. 1. Ruthless Priorities. You have too much to do, but hey – don’t we all. The trick is to decide what’s critical and do an outstanding […]

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