3 Super Easy Things To Do For Other (Technical) Women

lend me your hand, Danbo

Women, are the best and the worst to each other. In it’s extreme form, it’s a trope of TV and film. Think Mean Girls, Bridesmaids, Something Borrowed (all Amazon). But in real life, it’s my female friends who remember my birthday, send me flowers after a breakup, encourage me when I leave my comfort zone. […]

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A Man’s Guide to Helping Women in Tech

The War It's not a man's thing

What can men do? Other than not harass women? Although not harassing is a surprisingly good start. ┬áTL;DR: Step 1 – Don’t drive women away. Step 2: Don’t stand by and watch other men drive women away. Step 3: Give women a reason to stick around. ┬áStep 1: Don’t Perpetuate Understand the range and extent […]

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Encouragement Beats Re-tweeting

reminders from the dashboard (random acts of kindness)

I read an article today about why there aren’t enough women in tech. It says, women doubt themselves. This hurts their chances of ending up in Science or Engineering. They think they can’t do it. It bored me. I am so tired of reading this. We know it. I must read an article a month […]

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