New-ish Eng-Manager Slack, >1 Year On

Mid-2016, we started a slack for newer engineering managers. After a couple of months, we started growing it more actively and I’m excited that it continues to grow. I believe in community, and the value of peer-mentoring, and it’s been great to create a space for that and have others value it too. For me […]

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6 Things I Look For When Considering Projects and Teams

Just searching for something

Women in senior roles (I am ignoring the presence of new grad women as a metric – it’s a meaningless measure of diversity). A manager with some kind of work life balance. Does he (sadly it’s always a he) talk about his kids? Make an effort to moderate his travel for the sake of his […]

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So, You Finally Have a Woman on Your Team?

Some unsolicited thoughts (OK, advice) for managers who finally have a woman reporting to them. 1. Meaningful Projects None of us got into the tech industry for the casual misogyny and the rampant sexual harassment, and we don’t go into work excited for the possibility of someone mistaking us for the help. Same as the […]

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