New-ish Eng-Manager Slack, >1 Year On

em-logoMid-2016, we started a slack for newer engineering managers. After a couple of months, we started growing it more actively and I’m excited that it continues to grow. I believe in community, and the value of peer-mentoring, and it’s been great to create a space for that and have others value it too.

For me a big part of that is creating an inclusive space, which is why we have a clear code of conduct, and moderators in multiple timezones to enforce it. I’m thrilled that we have a vibrant women channel, and enough latinx eng-managers that there is also a private channel for them.

As we grow, we need to keep working on onboarding new members so they can reach a point where discussion is at the right volume for them and remains high value.

For now, though, I’m really grateful for this community, and if this is something you’d also value, I’d invite you to review the Code of Conduct, and join us.