The Receptionist Test


The receptionist test: how does someone treat the receptionist?

Alternative: a person with power or authority is someone’s first interaction with a company, e.g. by staffing the front desk. How are they treated (i.e. do people assume they are the receptionist).

In the modern era there are three ways to pass the receptionist test.

  1. Look the person up, discover they are not actually the receptionist.
  2. Ask that person anything about themselves or what they do, discover they are not actually the receptionist.
  3. Treat everyone you encounter with respect.

Personally, I prefer 3 or 2 to 1. But it’s amazing how many people don’t pick any of them.


2 replies on “The Receptionist Test”

Agree with #3. But also, personally I believe that instead of kissing upwards (towards your bosses etc) you should kiss/“bribe” (I usually bring chocolate or a cinnamon bun) downwards. The IT person, the receptionist. These are the people who make the company tick. These are the under-appreciated and I ver worked people. It’s amazing how far common decency and appreciation will take you in life.

I usually half-joke about that I am pre-emptively bribing them, since I know I will need their help in the future soon enough 🙂

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