Book: The Future of Happiness


I think the title of The Future of Happiness (Amazon) is perhaps overselling things a bit, but I did find this a worthwhile read. It’s really about mindful choices when it comes to technology – technology can make life better, but only if we are deliberate in how we use it. It’s easy to disappear into it.

One of the ideas in it is how we can use tech to increase that mindfulness, e.g. wearables. But they should influence and not dictate. I have a bit of a love-hate relationship with wearables – for the past  year or so I’ve been wearing a Nike Fuel band that doesn’t sync. Every day my activity resets – and there’s no way to see the history. I used to be much more dilligent about it, until it lost my streak. I’ve never really forgiven it for that (and of course, they were discontinued). I think that one is finally toast, so I’m switching to Fitbit.

Each chapter contains some tips, but I felt like a lot of it was things I’ve chosen already (although I don’t manage to apply 100%) – always having DND mode on, for example. The tips also captured why I love my kindle – because I can read all the books I want, but it doesn’t really do anything else. Why I have good ideas on planes – because planes are a space away from distraction.

I expected the book to give me ideas, but instead I’m looking at what I do already, and asking – how do I take what works and do more of it?