Why Are We Still Geeks – Panel at GHC

Fortune Most Powerful Women Dinner With Marissa Mayer

Marie Klawe Been worried about image in the media for 20 years. Been working on it, but no progress. But “if you don’t even try, you definitely won’t succeed”. Had many failures, but getting closer to success. There used to be very few female lawyers and doctors, now it’s 50%. Still not reaching power – […]

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Why Programmers Lie To Get Dates

programming language inventor or serial killer

Slides and commentary for the talk I gave at Ignite Waterloo, June 15th. Missing two slides – title slide and end slide (with my twitter handle and website on it). Ignite is a tough format – 5 minutes, 15 seconds a slide, the slides auto-advance. The *’s are where I expect the slide to change […]

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Who Do You Think I Am?

Odd One Out

Recently, I was at an event. A colleague was giving a talk, which I’d worked to set up. Someone “important” at the location, who I’ve met, who in fact once signed a thank-you note to me and was, I’m told, part of a (positive) conversation about some of my work days before came down. I […]

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