On Being “Strategic”

Ages ago, a work colleague / friend offered me the following piece of advice: “We need to make sure you’re seen as strategic”. I’ve thought about it a lot ever since. It was the first time I realised I was on the edge of (perhaps in?) the trap of “she’s just not that strategic”. Because, […]

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Why Are We Still Geeks – Panel at GHC

Marie Klawe Been worried about image in the media for 20 years. Been working on it, but no progress. But “if you don’t even try, you definitely won’t succeed”. Had many failures, but getting closer to success. There used to be very few female lawyers and doctors, now it’s 50%. Still not reaching power – […]

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Of Snap Judgments and Sexism

Fascinating post today in CopyBlogger – Why James Chartrand Wears Women’s Underpants. It’s a female writer outing herself; she’s been writing under a male pseudonym for the last three years. She’d tried under her real name, but started working under a second name because she didn’t want her own name to be associated with a […]