Podcast: Should We?

I recorded an episode of my favourite podcast?with my friend Diana in August when I was in San Francisco. We talked about some things including. Raccoons vs Brogrammers. Blogging. The discouragement of blogging. The unpredictability of reward when blogging. Where the Hell is Cate – how it started, what I get out of it. Technically […]

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Do All The Things, GGD Sydney, August 2014

Kris Howard talking about productivity. About getting stuff done like a grownup. Used to put stuff off to the weekend, and then not actually do it. The goal of productivity is to spend less time doing the stuff you don’t want to do so that you can spend more time on the stuff you do […]

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There’s An App For That is Not A Mobile Strategy

Dooky! Pick up the phone!!

People throw the word “mobile” around a lot, and my observation is – they all mean different things, but think they are talking about the same thing. When I talk about mobile, I want to talk about how everything changes when everyone has a device this powerful on them, all the time. “An app for […]

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Getting On Top Of Email

99 Red Balloons

Credit: flickr / Keegan Jones My inbox has been out of control for a long, long time. But – finally – I am down to 5 emails in my inbox! I’ve taken a series of steps over the last year or so that have helped me get to this point. Just One Inbox. I had […]

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My email network for the last 9.3 years - created by Immersion

When I read about Immersion – a tool created by researchers at MIT which maps your email network – of course I had to map mine. It’s fascinating. I’ve removed the labels for other people’s privacy, but high level breakdown of which group is which follows: Green/Grey on the left: Ottawa networks. Grey is University, Green is […]

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Guerilla Ruthlessness

Sneaking cat

I used to be very into “productivity”, but I’m somewhat over it lately. Whilst I still favorite the articles on twitter to read later, I’ve stopped buying books about it. There’s a lot of advice out there, keep a todo list! Keep a done list! Keep a don’t list! Various ways to arrange, and schedule, […]

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Balancing, Integrating

cow up a tree

I bought my laptop home with me for the long weekend. I was writing code at 9pm on Wednesday night. Last week, I worked Sunday night. Sounds like I have a work-life integration problem, right? I used to have these strict rules – laptop stays at the office. No work at the weekends. I drew […]

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Engineering an Interesting Life

Frosti's Backflip in Lamma

Abstract: In a world where computing power doubles roughly every two years, the goal is no longer efficiency, but effectiveness. The education system prepares students for efficiency, but to be successful when we go out into the world (or before!) we need rather to learn to be effective. In this workshop, we’ll discuss more useful things […]

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Trying To Be Everything

Is the #chalkmug half empty or half full?

It was inevitable, the amount I’ve been flitting about, and the number of bugs that have been going round, but Thursday last week I came home early and pretty much keeled over. I barely got up for 3 days. Monday I got up but I was berating myself for being so lazy, annoyed at myself […]

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Email Once A Day


Back in May, I started checking email only once a day (and sometimes not at all if I had no meetings). I had to accept that no-email days would be scarcer than I’d like, but overall it’s been a good experiment. Typically I get through it as fast as possible (< 15 mins) and once […]

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