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Grownups Make Choices

For the cool-down at spin class, the instructor put on some Andrew Lloyd Weber, I think something from Phantom of the Opera. Yes, it was pretty random. But, for me, something of a blast from the past. It was a song I used to sing, back when I had singing lessons. And then as I […]

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Drawing Lines Around Your Day

Arriving, stressed, on a Monday morning the other week I decided to shut the mail tab on my browser, with no intention of opening it again. This impromptu panic started a new thing – I’m checking (work) email at most once a day, if I have a meeting. No meeting days – usually one a week […]

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Selective Email Alerts

I’m checking my email more frequently than I would like at the moment. Not because I’m procrastinating, but because there are about 3 people who I expect to hear from soon and I want to know as soon as I do. Trying out Priority Inbox which is good, but where’s the “make a song and […]

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Email: Getting a Grip

So the most awesome thing happened at GHC, I asked a question at a panel and afterwards a girl came up to me and said “I think I’ve been reading your blog”. Seriously. Made. My. Day. Then I was skimming my RSS feed and I found a comment on this post: For the record, a […]

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Email: I’m Sorry, but I Hate It

I loathe email as a form of communication, I do. Having an iPhone has not made me any better at dealing with it, in fact it has made things worse – I can now monitor it in dead time and if there’s nothing urgent then there’s no need to actually check my email. So, if […]

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Social is Normal

Last week, I read Coders at Work (Amazon, Google books). I really enjoyed it, it was fascinating and I learned a lot about the history of programming and the programmers themselves. There’s a great quote from Douglas Crockford: Progress isn’t always forward. Sometimes we’re leaping forward and sometimes we’re leaping backwards. When we leaped to […]



The other day I got an email from someone asking me to do something for them. They’d spelled my name wrong. This is someone who did a total of an hour volunteering for WISE and by being flaky had caused me a bunch of trouble. And so, I didn’t reply. There’s plenty of information about […]