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Selective Email Alerts

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I’m checking my email more frequently than I would like at the moment. Not because I’m procrastinating, but because there are about 3 people who I expect to hear from soon and I want to know as soon as I do.

Trying out Priority Inbox which is good, but where’s the “make a song and dance when I get an email from person X” button?

If only this existed… I could go back to once a week email apart from about 5 people max. That would be awesome.

I could almost split my inbox in two. The one that needs daily tending, and the one that needs sporadic attention. Hmm. I’m not sure I spend too much time in my inbox, but I probably do spend too much time trying to stay out of it.

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Haven’t tried this myself, but perhaps you can use something like Tweetymail and a Gmail rule to send yourself a direct message when mail from particular people comes in. =)

I also use GMail, and would like a filter that would send everything to a particular label, EXCEPT for x, y, z.

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