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My email network for the last 9.3 years - created by Immersion
My email network for the last 9.3 years – created by Immersion
Overall Stats from Immersion
Overall Stats from Immersion

When I read about Immersion – a tool created by researchers at MIT which maps your email network – of course I had to map mine. It’s fascinating. I’ve removed the labels for other people’s privacy, but high level breakdown of which group is which follows:

Green/Grey on the left: Ottawa networks. Grey is University, Green is non-University.
Orange on the right: Kitchener/Waterloo network.
Blue in the middle: Sydney network.

My network of people that I email is getting smaller and more compact over time. This isn’t super surprising – I am doing less and less community stuff outside of work, and what I do within or with work, of course, gets done from  my corporate email address.

I like the overall stats – it shows me sending and receiving (yay!) less email over time. Also if you look at the numbers – I only send about 20% as much email as I send. Which probably reflects me being pretty terrible at responding to emails, and also needing to unsubscribe from more things!

Also interesting to note, is that basically none of my British friends are on there, and few of my Ottawa friends. Which makes sense, because they are the main reason I use Facebook.